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US-500 E-LAB Eddy Current System

The US-500 E-Lab is a fully automated, computer based eddy current system for high-speed, in-line inspection of critical components containing small discontinuities. Software is user friendly Windows based. Simulated strip chart showing X&Y data. This instrument works best with custom designed probes selected for compatibility to receive the best sensitivity and signal to noise ratio for the application.

• Frequency Range: 100 Hz to 10 MHz
• High speed flaw detection when used with automated                  inspection system
• Digital strip chart recorder
• Adapts to fit most eddy current probes
• Digital thickness measurement of conductive & non-conductive    coatings
• Digital thickness measurement of non-ferrous metals

The US-500 E-Lab Industrial is a robust rack-mounted eddy current instrument and industrial computer housed in a rugged dust-proof enclosure with industrial fan and alarm light for 24/7 operation.

•Materials Sorting
• Crack Detection
•Hardness Testing
•Coating Measurement
•Plating Thickness Measurement
•Conductivity Measurement

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