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454A-M Automated Roller Bearing Inspection

US-454A in fully automated roller bearing inspection system. The roller bearing system allows for continuous automated inspection of various sizes of roller bearings. UniWest can also build specialty visions systems to work with eddy current probes inspection of hard-to-access areas.

Built from the rugged US-454 architecture, the US-454A offers single- and multi-frequency inspection, frequency mixing capabilities, enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, USB, Ethernet and data storage capability, and unprecedented digital strip chart data collection.

• Multi-frequency – up to four frequencies
• Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 15 MHz
• Bright, 6.5" diagonal color LCD, flat panel
• Digital strip chart recording
• Two encoder inputs for position stamping of data
• Pulse on position input for motion control application
• Ethernet for instrument control along with time/position stamped data      transfer to client computer
• 16 bit resolution digital data
• Can store up to 250 individual four megabyte date files on a 1 Gig Card
• High Speed Scanner connection
• Video LCD display with external RGB output
• Lithium ion rechargeable battery pack, 10.8 Volts, 5400 mAh
• Programmable push button function keys
• Weight: 5 lbs. with battery, 4 lbs without battery
• Dimensions: 11.5" long X 7.5" high X 3" deep

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