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Rotating Bolt Hole Scanner  Probes

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Universal Rotating Bolt Hole Scanner Probes (URB) are most often used in hole or bore inspections.

These URB bolthole probes can be used with high speed scanners, increasing inspection speed and accuracy in finding flaws. Typically scanner bolt-hole probes are utilized in aerospace structural inspection after removal of fasteners, bushings, or other open hole type inspection applications. Standard URB probes are designed with a differential reflection coil configuration. The standard probe working length is 1.750 inches (44.45 mm).


  • Designed with Differential Reflection Coil

  • Standard work length is 1.750" (44.45 mm)

URB Eddy Current Rotating Scanner Probe
URB Rotating Bolt Hole Probe Specifications

URB Bolt Hole Scanner Probes are fitted with 4-pin Fischer connectors.

URB Rotating Bolt Hole Probe Part Number Specification


URB-.125 2MHz

URB-.125 LF

4-pin Fischer connector

When ordering, select the proper size by using the (-) tolerance of the hole under inspection. The probe will be made 0.003 inch (0.08 mm) smaller and expands to 0.030 inch (0.76 mm) larger than diameter ordered. Contact UniWest for custom diameters and working lengths.

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