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Anchor Surfae Probe

Eddy Current Surface Probes

Surface Probes are used for a variety of surface and subsurface inspection.

These probes are built with a flat bottom to offer better stability on the surface being inspected. These eddy current sensors are available in absolute mode and in bridge or differential configurations. All surface probes are shielded and available in several frequencies.


  • Bridge or Reflection configuration

  • Absolute mode

  • Shielded

  • Several Frequency Ranges

Surface Probes deminsions.jpg
Surface Probe Specifications-3.jpg
Surface Probe Specifications-1.jpg

All bridge configurations are fitted with Triax connectors.

Surface Probe Specifications-2.jpg

All reflection configurations are fitted with 4-socket Fischer connectors.


  • P/N 92836 (NSN: 5995-01-420-3422) for bridge probes, 8-pin Burndy/Triax

  • P/N 94032 (NSN: 5995-01-518-4366) for reflection probes, 8-pin Burndy/4-pin Fischer

  • P/N 72871 for bridge probes, 27-pin Fischer/Triax

  • P/N 72872 for reflection probes, 27-pin Fischer/4-pin Fischer

  • P/N 99146 for bridge probes, 16-pin Lemo/Triax

  • P/N 94186 for reflection probes    (NSN: 6635-01-548-4604) 16-pin Lemo/4p Fischer


SS-.750-50 kHz is a:

  • Bridge probe

  • Absolute shielded coil

  • 0.750 inch OD

  • 50 kHz frequency

SSR-.750-50 kHz is a:

  • Reflection probe

  • Absolute shielded coil

  • 0.750 inch OD

  • 50 kHz frequency

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