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Airframe Surface Inspection Kit, P/N 99861

Airframe surface inspection kit (P/N 99861) for eddy current inspection of challenging airframe geometries, such as edges, flats, cutouts, and tight radii.

The 99861 Surface Inspection Kit includes a number of special application probes to effectively inspect hard to access airframe inspection geometry. The specialty probes allow for inspections of 1/8th and ¼ inch radii and effectively allow for inspections between fastener rows. In addition a US-2596 probe allows for variable inspection adjustment on edges and the “nut plate” probes allow of inspecting around nut plate fastener holes and for highway effective inspection around common airframe fastener holes. The kit also includes a general-purpose standard for calibration of common airframe structure.


  • US-2596     (NSN: 6635-01-609-6115) Probe with guide

  • US-2597-.325     (NSN: 6635-01-609-6107) Probe, Nut Plate

  • US-2681-.250     (NSN: 6635-01-609-6081) Probe, Nut Plate

  • FET-3312    (NSN: 6635-01-609-4692) Probe, .125 Flexcoil 30 degree

  • FET-3315    (NSN: 6635-01-609-4698) Probe, .250 Flexcoil 30 degree

  • FET-3313    (NSN: 6635-01-609-4696) Probe, .125 Flexcoil Straight

  • FET-3316    (NSN: 6635-01-609-4703) Probe, .250 Flexcoil Straight

  • FET-3317    (NSN: 6635-01-609-4708) Probe, .125 Flexcoil Right Angle

  • FET-3318    (NSN: 6635-01-609-4711) Probe, .250 Flexcoil Right Angle

  • 99859         Reference Standard, Air Force, AL 7075

  • 99108         (NSN: 5996-01-560-1217) Amplifier

  • 94847         Tape- Teflon 0.75" 4mil Thick

  • 92820         Tape- Teflon 0.25" 4mil Thick

  • 94186         (NSN: 6635-01-548-4604) Qty 2: Cbl Assy, 16p Lemo/4p Fischer, Refl (6 ft)

  • 71780         Qty 2: Velcro Tie Wrap 3/4" #S-17102

  • 71477         Carry Case

  Custom kits are also available. Please contact us with your requirements.

UniWest 99861 probe kit

Reference image only. Actual contents may vary slightly.

UniWest US-2596 eddy current with guide

US-2596 probe with guide

UniWest Nut Plate eddy current probe

Nut Plate probe

UniWest Right Angle FET Eddy Current Probe

Right Angle FET probe

UniWest Right Angle FET Eddy Current Probe with 30 degree bend

Right Angle FET probe with 30* bend

UniWest Radius FET Eddy Current Probe

Straight FET probe

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