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NDT Calibration & Reference Standards 

UniWest builds both custom and general purpose NDT reference calibration standards for all your nondestructive testing needs. We can CNC and EDM notch your specific primary or master reference standard with all needed documentation; or notch your customer supplied material needed for your special application.  

P/N: 94910
Universal Eddy Current Sample and Standard Set

Available in a convenient kit form. Test samples for conductivity are FE, TI, 304 SST, CU/NI, MAG, 7075 AL, and 1100 AL. Surface notch standards are .008", .020" and .040" deep. Non-Conductive coating thickness samples are .003", .006", .009", .012", and .015". Conductive coating (CU) thickness samples are .003", .006", .009", .012" and .015". Gauging sample ranges from .010" to .050" in thickness. A wide range of training samples are provided as well as five spaces for your own test samples. This NDT calibration standard kit is extremely useful in the lab or in the field for checking instrument performance and for training operators. 

UniWest 99834 Aluminum URR

P/N: 99834
Fastener Inspection Standard
(NSN: 6635-01-609-4450)

This fastener inspection standard includes a .010, .015 and .020 thousandths EDM notches to set up a range of Raised Head Fastener probes. The adjustable V-block design allows for quick adjustment for your specific raised head faster probe. 

Ultrasonic Reference Standards

UniWest can also build a variety of standard or custom ultrasonic reference standards. Contact UniWest on how we can help with your specific Ultrasonic application.

99073 Radius AL 7075.jpg

P/N: 99073
Aluminum Radius Standard
(NSN: 6635-01-609-4427)

This standard has four different radii (0.500", 0.375", 0.250" and 0.125") with surface notches of 0.100", 0.080", 0.060" and 0.040" long EDM notches along the axis of the radius. Additionally, there are corner notches and notches on the flat of the same dimensions. General purpose standard for setting up common eddy current surface inspections. 

UniWest 99859 Air Force AL 7075

P/N: 99859
Mini Radius Standard

This aluminum standard includes a 1/8th and ¼ inch radius geometry in addition to a flat, edge and corner notch for setting up common airframe geometry's. This standard can also be manufactured in Titanium or Steel depending on your specific application.

UniWest 93558A AL 7075 crack sample

P/N: 93558A
General purpose Crack Standard

This standard comes with .010, .020, .030 and .040 thousandths EDM notches for common set up of eddy current surface inspections. (Available in; Aluminum, Magnesium, Steel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium.)

UniWest 74499 12 hole AL 7075-T7

P/N: 74499
Aluminum Bolt Hole Standard

This eddy current calibration standard has 12 notched holes.  With hole sizes ranging from 3/16 - 3/4 of an inch.  For calibrating bolt hole inspections. 

The standard also comes with .010, .020, and .040 thousandths EDM notches for common set up of eddy current surface inspections. 

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