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Quick Change Angle Beam Transducer

The Quick Change Transducer (QCT) and Quick Change Wedge (QCW) series are extremely versatile and can be used in many different applications and in a wide variety of industries and environments.

This series of ultrasonic transducers makes changing wedge angle and transducer frequency rapid and easy, saving both time and money. The QC transducer connects straight into the wedges allowing for many combinations all within one kit. All QC transducers are fitted with top mounted microdot connectors allowing for seamless transition from one transducer to the next. The stainless steel transducer housing will resist even the harshest working conditions. The emphasis of the Quick Change Transducer is general purpose with a balance of power and resolution, a high resolution version is available upon request.

The Quick Change Wedge (QCW) is simple to setup and operate, utilizing incorporated noise dampening material on the wedge. Offered in steel, aluminum and titanium refracted angle. Custom contours, radii and wear pins available upon request.

UniWest Quick Change Ultrasonic Transducer and Wedge
UniWest Quick Change Part Number Guide


  • P/N UT-1134 BNC/Microdot 6'

  • P/N UT-1134-10 BNC/Microdot 10'
  • Custom cables upon request
UniWest Quick Change Ultrasonic Transducers

Add HR at the end of the part number for high resolution.

All transducers are fitted with Microdot style connectors.

UniWest Quick Change Ultrasonic Wedges

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