UniWest Increases Calibration Standard Machining Capacity

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is an integral part of UniWest’s machining capabilities.

UniWest’s unique and sophisticated EDM skills are called upon to do custom EDM work that others cannot perform. Read More >

UniWest Announces Next-Generation Eddy Current Testing Technology.

UniWest’s New EVi with the ECS-3S Scanner Brings Previously Inaccessible Surface Areas into View with Real-Time Surface Imaging
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UniWest ES-1000: Cost-Efficient Eddy Current Testing Option for Jet Engine Inspections

Pasco, WA - UniWest’s new ES-1000 tabletop ECT module provides 3-axis, semi-automatic ECT inspection for rotationally symmetric jet engine components weighing up to 30 pounds, such as engine disk bores and webs.
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New EddyView Product Line from UniWest Expands Portable ECT Instrument Choices

Pasco, WA - NDT technology leader UniWest has announced the launch of the EddyViewTM family of three new portable eddy current testing instruments. The line of new instruments, Prime, Pro and Premium, is designed to match the technical functionality and price of EC instruments from the most basic to the most sophisticated.
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