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EVi  ECT / ECA Eddy Current Flaw Detector

UniWest EVi eddy current flaw detector

EVi is UniWest's most technically advanced and operator-friendly portable Eddy Current Testing (ECT)  / Eddy Current Array (ECA) system ever offered.

The EVi works directly with the EddyView family of probes and accessories, as well as eddy current array (ECA) probes up to 128 elements. UniWest’s unmatched selection of standard and advanced display features set a new standard for flexibility of applications, ease of use, interpretation of data and overall operator accuracy.

The key to the EVi’s ground-breaking performance is the display of a visual image of the surface area under inspection alongside the customary and selectable eddy current signal displays (impedance plane, A-scan or strip charts).

The EVi provides a high precision, easily readable display of surface conditions enabling improved interpretation of data while giving more accurate discernment of cracks, pits, gouges and fretting.

By merging innovative surface imaging with UniWest’s renowned, best-in-class signal to noise, the EVi system sets a the standard of precision for eddy current testing in a portable and easy to use package.

EVi Accessories

The ECS-5 is UniWest’s EVi-compatible, hand-held bolt hole scanner. Ideal for rotary and linear scan-motion indexing. The ECS-5 supports both absolute and differential coil types in both reflection and bridge configurations. This scanner provides 3 mil to 30 mil scan resolution in 1 mil increments. Variable rotation from 500 to 3000 RPM is adjustable in 10 RPM steps at constant torque throughout any speed range.

UniWest EVi with ECS-5 scanner

Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling and rapid inspection of small and hard to reach areas. The portable ECS-3S scanner provides a constant, high-speed scan of the surface. Capable of covering areas as small as ¾ inch, the ECS-3S’s contour-following sensor assembly allows inspection of variable surface gradients. The ECS-3S improves flaw discernment for previously inaccessible remote and obscure surface areas.

UniWest EVi with ECS-3 surface scanner

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