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Delay Line Pencil Transducer

EE Pen replaceable delay line pencil type transducers feature a single element and rugged construction for tough working conditions.

The compact design allows for the ability to access hard to reach areas or curved surfaces such as turbine blades.  With high sensitivity and excellent resolution, these transducers have wide variety of applications, making them a popular choice for various inspections.  Replaceable tips are available in 0.070", 0.090" and 0.125" tip diameter.

UniWest EE Pencil Stype Ultrasonic Transducers
UniWest EE Pencil Transducer specifications
UniWest EE Pencil Transducer Part Number Guide


  • EE-00-10-M   Straight head, 10MHz, Microdot connector

  • EE-90-15-M   90* head, 15MHz, Microdot connector

  • EE-MM-10-L  Mini fingertip body, 10MHz, Lemo connector


  • P/N UT-1134 BNC/Microdot 6'

  • P/N UT-1134-10 BNC/Microdot 10'

  • P/N UT-1217 BNC/Lemo 6'
  • P/N UT-1217-10 BNC/Lemo 10'
  • Custom cables upon request

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