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EddyView® II  ECT / ECA Eddy Current Flaw Detector

UniWest EddyView II Eddy Current instrument

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EddyView II is UniWest's latest advanced, user-friendly, portable Eddy Current Testing (ECT)  / Eddy Current Array (ECA) instrument.


  • Touchscreen display with touch-gesture adjustments

  • Industry-leading signal quality (signal-to-noise)

  • Independent channel monitors probe to part coupling

  • Multi-frequency

  • Conventional or array probes up to 32 coils

  • Compatible with ECS-1, ECS-4, and JF-15 rotating scanners

  • Conductivity and non-conductive coating thickness

  • Multiple display modes including impedance plane, C-scan, O-scope, and strip chart

  • Exportable data for post-processing flexibility

  • Lock screen & Freeze screen modes

  • Basic setup with Smart Probes

Customer Support

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