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EddyView Eddy Current Flaw Detectors

EddyView Prime, Pro or Premium:
Choose the Eddy Current performance to match your NDT inspection needs!

UniWest EddyView Prime eddy current flaw detector
UniWest EddyView Pro eddy current flaw detector
UniWest EddyView Premium eddy current flaw detector

EddyView Pro Features Include

  • Dual frequency with mixing

  • Split-screen for both impedance plane and O-scope/sweep modes

  • Digital conductivity measurement

  • Non-conductive liftoff digital measurement

  • Rotating scanner support for high speed bolt hole scanning

  • USB flash drive support

EddyView Prime Features Include

  • Single Frequency Capability

  • X-Y Gain Spread

  • Impedance plane, strip chart displays at the same time

  • Removable SD card for program and test result storage

  • Ethernet connectivity

EddyView Premium Features Include

  • Quad frequency capability

  • Waterfall display for bolt hole imaging

  • Encoder support

  • Auto name capability

  • Both HP and Epson printer support

  • Special software packages for multiplexing capability (optional)

Customer Support

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