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Eddy Current  Probes

Eddy Current probes come in all shapes, sizes, and coil configuration. UniWest designs and builds probes for conventional Eddy Current Testing (ECT), Eddy Current Arrays (ECA), Rotating Bolt Hole Scanners and thousands of specialty applications.

Having the right tool for the job is vital, especially when you’re ensuring materials and equipment are intact. Eddy current and other NDT probes at UniWest allow you to perform surface, subsurface, and other tests with confidence. We develop and build our own general and NDT inspection probes, which ensures the highest-quality product. You will find that many of our NDT probes are available in various working lengths with customizable tips, angles, and drops. Our NDT inspection probes for sale are listed below. If you have questions regarding any general probe or custom work, please reach out to our team. Our team will help you find or develop surface probes designed to test airframes or other structures. Download our complete Eddy Current Probe catalog.

UniWest RCAT Eddy Current Array (ECA) Probes

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