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ECS-5 Rotating Bolt Hole Scanner

The ECS-5 is UniWest’s EVi-compatible, hand-held bolt hole scanner.

Ideal for rotary and linear scan-motion indexing, the ECS-5 supports both absolute and differential coil types in both reflection and bridge configurations. This scanner provides 3 mil to 30 mil scan resolution in 1 mil increments. Variable rotation from 500 to 3000 RPM is adjustable in 10 RPM steps at constant torque throughout the speed range.


  • Scan Depth: 1.3"

  • Weight: 1 lbs, 2 oz

  • Scan Motion: Rotary and linear

  • Coil types supported: Absolute & Differential in Reflection or Bridge Configurations

  • Instrument compatibility: EVi

UniWest EVi eddy current flaw detector with ECS-5 handheld bolt hole scanner

Common Bolt Hole Reference Standards can be found here.
Please call for custom custom standards.

VM30889-C1A (NSN 6635-01-092-5129) Universal Reference Standard
UniWest 12 hole AL 7075-T7 bolt hole reference standard
UniWest Holder for ECS-5 AutoCal standard
UniWest USAF Bolt Hole Eddy Current Training Reference Standard

Customer Support

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