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ECS-3S Rotating Eddy Current Scanner

The ECS-3S is UniWest’s EVi-compatible, hand-held surface scanner. This scanner provides a constant speed circular scanning pattern.

The ECS-3S scanner is ideal for surface scanning applications requiring highly accurate inspections, such as the military, commercial airlines, bridges, and some manufacturing plants. Application examples include lap joints, various flat flush fasteners, flat bars and flat-plate bar stock.


  • Scan Type: Surface

  • Scan Motion: Rotary and linear

  • Scan Width: 0.750"

  • Scan speed: 3,000 RPM

  • Frequency Range: 20 kHz to 10 MHz

  • Weight: 1 lbs, 2 oz

  • Coil types supported: Absolute & Differential

  • Instrument compatibility: EVi

UniWest EVi eddy current flaw detector with ECS-3 handheld surface scanner

Details on ECS-3 Reference Standards can be found here.
Please call for custom custom standards.

UniWest 78220 ECS-3 Calibration Standard HOLDER
UniWest 78222 Reference Standard for ECS-3

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