Standard Probe Catalog

UniWest offers a complete line of standard eddy current products to meet your NDI inspection needs in aerospace, manufacturing, gas turbine, nuclear, space, laboratory, and specialty applications.UniWest's quality team and exact process ensures that our products are built with the precision and quality assurance needed for your most challenging applications, providing you the confidence your require for your testing results.

UniWest probes include:

• Pencil probes for general NDT inspection
• Angled pencil probes for surface inspection in limited access areas.
• Surface probes for a variety of surface and subsurface inspections.
• Sliding probes for use on airframe structures for finding surface and subsurface flaws.
• Ring probes for finding cracks around fasteners or corrosion aerospace structures.
• Bolt hole scanner probes for hole and bore inspections.
• Surface following probes fitted with a unique patented swivel head.


We also offer transducers and coils:

• Contact transducers used for flaw detection, material thickness measurements and  feature mapping.
• U40 Encircling coils for inspecting tubes, bars and wires for flaws.

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UniWest probes include:

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Contact Transducer
Angled Pencil Probes
Surface Following
Angle Beam Potted
Surface Probes
Bolt Hole Scanner Probes
Replaceable Delay
Line Pencil
Sliding Probes
U40 Encircling Coils
Pencil Probes
Ring Probes
QC Transducer