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Ultrasonic Contact Transducers

Single element longitudinal wave transducers are used for flaw detection, material thickness measurements and feature mapping.

The Standard Contact (SC) configurations use a rugged stainless steel housing coupled with an aluminum oxide wear face. The Replaceable Delay Line (RDL) transducers have a 0.200 inch long replaceable plastic tip.

UniWest Ultrasonic Contact Transducers
Contact Transducer Part Number Guide
UniWest Delay Line Ultrasonic Transducer Specifications
UniWest Standard Contact Ultrasonic Transducer Specifications

All transducers are fitted with Microdot style connectors.




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  • P/N UT-1134 BNC/Microdot 6'

  • P/N UT-1134-10 BNC/Microdot 10'
  • Custom cables upon request
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