Inroducing the awesome new EddyView Family of Portable EC Instrumentsk Designed to fit your application and your budget.


Power to Choose: Prime, Pro, Premium

The new, EddyView line of portable EC instruments addresses the practical needs, as well as the financial realities, of the NDT industry. EddyView instruments serve to ensure the physical integrity and performance demands of critical components in industries ranging from service and maintenance providers to original equipment manufacturers, to aerospace, energy and infrastructure development enterprises.

Engineered by the UniWest EC solutions team, and manufactured in the United States, each model in the EddyView line matches the technical strengths of eddy current inspection with the most productive options and features for optimal flaw detection.

Every model in the EddyView line is built on the same basic signal detection hardware platform and provides the same exceptional signal-to-noise ratio that users have come to expect from UniWest EC products.

The EddyView line's outstanding flaw detection capabilities combined with an unmatched array of optional signal processing, readout, data storage, alarm and display features raises the bar for EC instrumentation while making available a previously unavailable set of portable EC instruments to the NDI industry.

Eddy View Prime

EddyView Prime

A primary eddy current instrument with basic inspection features, exemplary performance, and a reasonable price.
Based on the same highly sensitive inspection technology and rugged hardware platform of the UniWest line of eddy current instruments, the Eddy View Prime is outfitted with a basic array of sensing, display and data storage features for precise flaw detection at a very attractive price. The EddyView Prime is the right choice for an all-purpose eddy current instrument designed for the inspector in the field.


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Eddy View Pro

EddyView Pro

A professional grade eddy current instrument designed for both standard and complex inspection applications.
The EddyView Pro is a dual-frequency
instrument designed with split screen capability for high speed bolt hole scanning. It provides conductivity and non-metallic thickness measurement, and the ability to interface with peripheral devices and automated systems.


Designed to be used by the professional, the EddyView Pro includes all the features of the EddyView Prime, and additional features that allow for both standard eddy current inspection and complex inspections. The EddyView Pro features include capability for automated production testing. Ethernet, RS-232, alarm outputs and high rates of data acquisition adds to the flexibility of the instruments system integration capability. The EddyView Pro is the perfect fit for use in the field, the laboratory, or in production


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Eddy View Premium

EddyView Premium

A Premium eddy current instrument designed for special multi-frequency applications and system integration capability.
For the most demanding eddy current testing applications, the EddyView Premium offers unmatched flaw detection and four frequency inspection capability. Designed for premium high end inspections, the Premium can be easily integrated into turnkey systems. Encoder support in addition to built-in strip chart recording capability allow for imaging software interface and ability to store permanent records. The Premium is the right choice for demanding special application inspections in production, but can also be used as a general purpose eddy current instrument for laboratory and in the field.


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