UniWest is a leader in Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Testing applications, engineering, and product development. Our customers' problems — and our ability to solve them — are what set us apart from our competition. UniWest provides critical solutions and products for complex inspection problems. Our team of engineers listens and learns about the challenges you face, then researches, tests and determines the right solution for your specific inspection demands. We work with you to implement these solutions with the right product in place so you can move forward quickly and confidently. We provide reliable, robust, nondestructive testing (NDT) instruments and systems for manufacturers, R & D laboratories, and for use in the field. We serve diverse industries that include Power Generation, Aerospace, Automotive, Primary Metals, Heavy Manufacturing and other markets.


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New Products

UniWest has announced the launch of the EddyView family of portable eddy current testing instruments: EddyView Prime, Pro and Premium. This new EddyView line of instruments is designed to address the technical features and acquisition costs of EC instruments from the most basic to the most sophisticated.


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